Comprehensive, Timely, & Impartial Sexual Assault Investigations
by Professional Investigators

In a time of increased awareness of sexual harassment and assaults in the workplace employers have a clear responsibility to investigate and address all such allegations. Critical to such responses are thorough, objective and timely investigations.

Tactical 97 Group, LLC provides experienced, trained investigators to conduct these investigations and provide employers with comprehensive impartial reports which allow our clients to fully and fairly address allegations of sexual misconduct while recognizing the rights and interests of both the accuser and the accused.

Tactical 97 Group, LLC provides these services to employers throughout the country and our investigators are available for rapid response.

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Our Investigators

Each of Tactical 97 Group LLC's investigators have extensive law enforcement experience. Many are former FBI agents or have been through the FBI National Training Academy. All of them have undergone training in conducting investigations of alleged incidents of sexual harassment and sexual assault. This includes training in trauma-informed investigative techniques which provides each of our investigators with an understanding of the neurobiological impact upon victims of traumatic events such as sexual harassment, assault or rape and the reasons why victims may respond in unexpected ways following such an event. This training and knowledge is unique in the industry and enables them to conduct full and fair interviews with both the victim and alleged assailant to fully develop the facts of a case.


Each investigation is managed by an experienced team leader who serves as a liaison between the designated client contact and the investigative team. Our clients are fully involved in the initiation as well as the development of each investigation and its progress to completion.

Tactical 97 Group, LLC representatives also frequently work with our clients’ attorneys in developing these investigations, as well as coordinating the consideration of workplace environment issues and related matters.

Nationwide Professional Investigations


We understand the sensitive nature of investigations and strive to gain your trust. Our work is confidential and we operate with the highest level of integrity. Our investigations work with a variety of clients, from large law firms and businesses to private individuals. As such, we alter our approaches to meet your needs and experience level. We are prepared to answer your questions, from getting started to the intricate details involved in our investigations.


Through its management team Tactical 97 Group, LLC is affiliated with Title IX Solutions, LLC and Tactical Investigations, LLC.

Title IX Solutions, LLC provides trained investigators to conduct investigations of alleged incidents of sexual assaults on college campuses. These investigators, who are experienced law enforcement personnel, receive training in the Department of Education guidelines for compliance with Title IX and the conduct of Title IX investigations. Investigators engaged by Tactical 97 Group, LLC as well as Title IX Solutions, LLC have attended training programs conducted by the International Association of Chiefs of Police and the Rape Assault and Incest National Network (“RAINN”), the largest national victim support network, on the effect of trauma on assault victims and trauma-informed investigative techniques.

Tactical Investigations, LLC is a private investigation agency wholly-owned by Thomas Denton, one of the principals of Tactical 97 Group, LLC which has been in business for more than 14 years.

Our Guarantee

Our investigations are confidential, discreet, and thorough so that our clients have the answers they need. Our trained investigators work diligently to achieve the highest standards of customer satisfaction.

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